Woman Crush Wednesday: Nichole P.

This week’s woman crush Wednesday is the beautiful, talented, super mom, kind, funny, thoughtful Nichole P.

I met Nichole in high school. We were never friends, more like we had mutual friends. We lived on the same street. She had those ugly palm trees surrounding her house but she had the nice pool so whatever. We never became friends then. Although she was a grade below me, I found her to be quite intimidating. She was super beautiful, stylish and sometimes, she did have a case of the rest bitch face. Sorry babe, it happens to the best of us lol. But nonetheless, I adored her bright blue eyes and found her to be one of the prettiest girls in school.

Nichole and I connected again almost two years ago when I asked her to be my make up artist for my wedding. I saw that she was pursuing her passion for make up and I loved all the looks she created. Plus, I was big on giving my business to small business owners especially if I know them, so I hired Nichole.

Not going to lie, I was nervous about my first one on one interaction with Nichole. I had all these preconceived notions of who she is and let me tell you, she was so far from it. The day of my trial she showed up with all her make up. Within minutes, we both got to talking and I quickly realized what an amazing person she is and how I wish I had gotten to know her sooner. We connected on various levels and especially, given how close she was to poking my eyeballs out, I had to develop some sort of trust with her lol.

I have so much respect for Nichole. She got married and become a mom at a young age. She made it look so easy via social media but I quickly learned that she was human too and she was dealing with normal issues that all moms and wives deal with. But she does it with such grace! I adore her beautiful babies. She makes cute babies with her hubby! She should consider selling them jk jk. I mean look at this photo below…doesn’t it just make your heart smile?

I adore her taste in home decor, big heart, gentle spirit, and a thousand more things about her. I just adore Nichole.

Nichole, if you are reading this…I want you to know and realize what an amazing woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend you are! You are one of the nicest human beings I know. I have so much respect for you as a woman. I love seeing you blossom into this amazing person. I know there will be lots of challenges in life but I hope these challenges will encourage you to look back at the beautiful little family you created for yourself and find joy & peace in them. Your children are very lucky to have you as a mom. You are so patient and they will grow up always looking like models in their photos thanks to you. You are this amazing person to the everyone in your life. You always put them first, which is normal because of the generous & loving person you are. I hope you will continue to find time for yourself – to love yourself, be kind to yourself, celebrate yourself and more. Continue to be the amazing person you are and please know, you are doing a great job! I see it, I believe it and I know it.

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