Falling Back in Bad Patterns…Or NOT

So tonight I got a little pissy with myself because the last few days, I slipped up on my 100 days of clean eating challenge. I’m not proud of it. But I will have to say I am very proud of how I’ve been able to portion control the amount of unhealthy food I consume and not spiral completely. I’m still alcohol free…almost 20 days strong 💪🏽 I’ve definitely cut back my sugar consumption to 20%…amazing! I don’t even miss the sweets or the junk. Where I struggle a bit is the carbs. But I’ve cut back on that down to 40% instead of 80% carbs. I barely eat dairy anymore. It’s like down to 10-% and the only reason I give it 10% is because of the last couple days.

I’m learning to pick healthier options at restaurant. I’m finding new ways to curb my sweets craving…or fruits or all fruit bars or drinking a ton of water. So far, I’m doing good. It’s not perfect like I wanted but I had to remind myself this is a lifestyle shift not a quest for perfection. A friend of mine who’s been super supportive during this transition continues to remind me to focus on the baby steps. I have a tendency to go from 0 to 100 with things and that’s why I fail miserably with my diet. But shifting my focus to baby steps has been so beneficial.

So tonight, after consuming more carbs than I should of, I noticed how I felt…my body felt sluggish, I’m super bloated, I overstuffed myself and now I feel gross. Apart of me feels like I’m back to square one with this challenge thing or that I failed. But the other part of me was like no, I didn’t. Before i would eat and eat and eat, but this time i stopped and evaluated how what this meal did to me. I’m consciously aware of the effects of this meal. Next time, I can still enjoy this meal but I’ll probably eat waaaay less so I don’t feel sick.

Anyways, I had to share this experience because I know how hard it is to eat clean and how sometimes one set back can make you feel as though all your efforts are wasted. Just keep trucking along you guys. One meal at a time. Even if it’s one meal a day that you eat healthy, it counts. One day one meal becomes two then it becomes three. It’s a long journey so be patient, be kind with yourself and don’t quit! Because I sure as heck am going to dust myself off and start again tomorrow ❤️

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