Woman Crush of the Year


This week’s woman crush wednesday is also my woman crush of the year. Since next Wednesday is Christmas (WOW already), this will be my last Woman Crush Wednesday of 2019 and I could not have picked a better woman to shower with love.

This woman has been a pivotal person in my life this year. I think a lot about this woman from time to time and how much I adore her. Honestly, if I was a lesbian (which my husband jokes I’m one bad relationship away from becoming one – this is a joke, don’t cancel me), I think I would pursue the heck out of her. Oh and of course if I wasn’t married…sorry honey! But in all seriousness, it’s not her beauty I am attracted to (which she’s incredibly beautiful), it’s her soul. It’s imperfectly perfect and I am just beyond blessed to have her as a friend and someone I consider like family to me.

So without further a due, I would like to introduce you to this week’s woman crush Wednesday and also my woman crush of the year, Ms. Kristen H.

Just like lifting groceries, no big deal for her

I met Kristen through Kaia & she of course was a coach. I mean that in a good way. She was genuinely kind, encouraging and a natural at empowering other women to accomplish what they want to accomplish and when they felt as if they failed, Kristen was there to remind us to be kind to ourselves. An advice I have to remind her to take for herself sometimes…we’re human, we need to be reminded that from time to time even when we are strong. Aside from being an amazing coach, she is a super mom to two grown children…yes, she’s a total milf…I can’t believe she has grown children either. She’s such a cool mom, like actually a cool mom not that mom on mean girls. She’s also an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G friend to everyone around her. If you are lucky to be friends with this kind soul, you would agree in less than a heart beat! So what makes this lady my woman of the year?

Kristen saved my life this year. Yup, she sure did. Not in a talk me off the ledge way or donated a kidney to me…which I am certain she would try if either events had occurred. Kristen was there from the beginning of my downfall (can I call it that?) this year. Kristen was the one that pushed for a coffee date to talk to me about my depression. She was the one that made it safe and okay for me to open up about it because she was so gosh darn nice about it and something about her mom vibes that just made me want to unload my struggles. She was so kind and gentle with what I had to say. She was also the one I reached out to when it was time for me to go on medications. It was hard for me to make that decision because as I have shared before, it made me feel like I had failed and no longer had control over my body. But Kristen reminded me that going on meds is a way for me to control what is going on. It’s a choice and ultimately its a choice that I can choose to make for myself. She’s saved me more times than she knows. So many dark moments this year where I could hear her in my head telling me I am strong and to be kind to myself. Even when she’s going through her own stuff, she never fails to remind me that she cares with a simple…”thinking of you text” or 7am coffee dates (those Kaia girls man, always awake & ready to go so early). I am so incredibly grateful for her. You know how in life when shit hits the fan, who you gonna call? She’s one of the people I’d call because she would know exactly what I need to hear. It will either be her sending me some sort of quote or mantra that she’s being reciting herself. Long story short, she’s my “YAAAASSS Queen” and my shero of the year.

Don’t mind heather, she’s always drunk in a bath tub somewhere haha jk

Other reasons to love Kristen…

  • She has dogs…enough said right?
  • She’s incredibly strong…physically, emotionally, mentally, spirtually, and all the “ly’s”
  • She will call you on your shit and we need friends that will do that for us. There’s enough narcissists in the world so thank goodness she won’t let me get away with crap
  • She vegan so she definitely has super powers…workout with her, you’ll see what I mean
  • She’s gives like the best hugs. It must be all those years of practice as a mom because she squeezes you til you almost let out a fart

Those are just a few reasons. There are more I promise but I’m already getting all emotional just writing this so I’m going to stop here because I end up curled up on a bed crying over how great Kristen is 😂😂😂

Kristen, thank you for your friendship, your love, your kindness and most importantly, thank you for saving me. You are the epitome of how life does get better. Love you a ton😘😘😘

Woman Crush Wednesday: Angel S.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Angel S.

This week’s woman crush Wednesday is my cousin Angel. She’s one of my favorite humans in the world and more like a sister than a cousin to me.

My first memory of Angel was when she moved from New York at 3? I remember I was 7. I had a stroller with my fake baby in it and Angel wanted it. I didn’t want to give it to her because 1) it was mine and 2) I never had a sister or younger girl cousin to share with so this idea of sharing with another girl was so foreign to me. My mom ended up making me give it to her because she was younger. So best believe, if I ever decide to have a baby, she owes me a damn stroller and it better be a nice one too because 24 years later I still want my stroller back LOL. Without the baby tho 😂

So what makes her so crush worthy? Well she is one of the few people in the world that gets me and understands why I feel the way I feel. She’s also incredibly kind to strangers but really tough on her love ones. She’s a pusher. She wants everyone to do well and so she pushes and pushes. Sometimes we get a little upset with her but at the end of the day, she does it with the best intention. She’s also very thoughtful. She’s considerate of others feelings. She likes to play the devil’s advocate and it drives me nuts because I want her to agree with me when I’m upset. But instead, she helps me see things from a different perspective.

This is the look she gives you when she’s lightweight annoyed with you but trying to be nice. Then there’s Jason who’s always photoready 🤣

Angel may be young but she’s experience more than her fair share of struggles. She comes off as a positive, happy go lucky and fun person because over the years she’s had to learn how to mask her pain & struggle and she’s gotten good at it. She remains positive despite how shitty things get and I admire her so much for it. Shes the oh your dog died? Guess you can now save money on dog food, vet bills etc. always focusing on the positives lol. That probably was a really dark example but oh well. All of this shows you what a strong person she is. She falls and gets back up. She doesn’t quit. And I’m so glad she didn’t quit because if she let her struggles define her, the world would have missed out on this great LVN! Yes my baby girl is a nurse 💕

I am so proud of all her accomplishments AND failures. It has made her a better human being and a kinder soul. I’m so incredibly lucky to have her by my side through some of the best days of our lives and the worst. She’s truly one of my best friends. But don’t get me wrong, we sure do fight and get annoyed with each other. We push each other’s button and pop off on each other all the time. But we always find ourselves back together because I guess that’s what it means to be sisters. You fight, you swear each other off then you come crawling back because you need the other person.

Anyways, if you’re reading this Angel, I look forward to you dissecting everything I wrote and letting me know where I went wrong and what I was right about lol. Also, tell me if you caught anything when your read between the lines LOL. I love you and again, I’m so proud of you ❤️❤️❤️

Woman Crush Wednesday: My Baby Sister, Lovely

Woman Crush Wednesday: My Baby Sister, Lovely

Almost everyone who knows me, knows I have a baby sister. She’s 12 years old and she came into my life when I was 15 years old. I remember reading my moms pregnancy test to her telling her she was pregnant…I was so excited. My mom was well she was close to 40 with two teenage kids…she was worried and not sure what to expect.

Lovely ended up being THE best blessing to our family. Not too long after Lovely was born, we lost my dad to Cirrhosis. Her existence gave my mom so much purpose to continue on. Yes my brother and I were too but there’s something about a toddler that kept our life so busy that we honestly didn’t have time to be so sad.

After losing my dad, my mom become the head of our household, which means she was working 6-7 days a week. This meant that A LOT of the responsibility of raising Lovely fell on me. Although, there was a time that I felt so much resentment towards my family and her because of this…I quickly realize what a blessing she was to me.

Lovely allowed me to step into a mother role at a young age. It was hard. So hard to be a teenager and raise a kid. So I have so much respect for teenage moms. I missed out a lot of my teenage years because I was really mothering a child. But let me tell you, I wouldn’t trade it for the world because of my special bond with my sister. We’re literally two peas in a pod and if I hadn’t been forced to mother her, I don’t think we would have been this close.

She’s my best friend, my daughter, my shopping partner, my therapist, my dog sitter so I can nap, she cleans my house for me, she’s my favorite person in the whole world, and literally my world. I feel more connected to her than any human I know because it’s almost as if she’s my kid. I gotta protect her always. She’s been on dates with me. She’s been to friend gatherings with me. She’s been to so many places and been with me through so much that she’s my person.

Funny story, when she was about 4 or 5, she would always call me mom in public or cry when guys try talking to me. Yup, she was a little c-blocker then.

Although these days she’s a sassy teenager, she still remains my baby. Every time I look at her, I beam with pride because of the person she’s grown up to be. I soooo pat myself on the back a lot let me tell you lol. She’s so smart, so goal driven, has so much integrity, she’s kind, she’s compassionate, she doesn’t give a crap about what people think…she’s so unapologetically and authentically herself that I’m just like yaaaass queen (she loved this phrase)!!! I didn’t screw her up lol. Gah, I love her so much!

Lovely, if you’re reading this, which you totally are because you’re a nosy little sister, I just want you to know you’re the best sister/daughter ever lol. You make my world better just being in it. You help me out so much, more than you know. I hope you continue to grow into a strong, courageous and kind human being. I hope you use your voice for the right reasons. I hope you never ever let someone walk all over you which I doubt because you have so much self respect. I hope one day you won’t judge me for wearing a body suit. I also hope you own one someday because you realize it does keep your shirt tucked in the whole time. But overall, I hope you know I am always here for you and I’m always going to love you even when I’m being mean to you❤️❤️❤️

Woman Crush Wednesday: Nichole P.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Nichole P.

This week’s woman crush Wednesday is the beautiful, talented, super mom, kind, funny, thoughtful Nichole P.

I met Nichole in high school. We were never friends, more like we had mutual friends. We lived on the same street. She had those ugly palm trees surrounding her house but she had the nice pool so whatever. We never became friends then. Although she was a grade below me, I found her to be quite intimidating. She was super beautiful, stylish and sometimes, she did have a case of the rest bitch face. Sorry babe, it happens to the best of us lol. But nonetheless, I adored her bright blue eyes and found her to be one of the prettiest girls in school.

Nichole and I connected again almost two years ago when I asked her to be my make up artist for my wedding. I saw that she was pursuing her passion for make up and I loved all the looks she created. Plus, I was big on giving my business to small business owners especially if I know them, so I hired Nichole.

Not going to lie, I was nervous about my first one on one interaction with Nichole. I had all these preconceived notions of who she is and let me tell you, she was so far from it. The day of my trial she showed up with all her make up. Within minutes, we both got to talking and I quickly realized what an amazing person she is and how I wish I had gotten to know her sooner. We connected on various levels and especially, given how close she was to poking my eyeballs out, I had to develop some sort of trust with her lol.

I have so much respect for Nichole. She got married and become a mom at a young age. She made it look so easy via social media but I quickly learned that she was human too and she was dealing with normal issues that all moms and wives deal with. But she does it with such grace! I adore her beautiful babies. She makes cute babies with her hubby! She should consider selling them jk jk. I mean look at this photo below…doesn’t it just make your heart smile?

I adore her taste in home decor, big heart, gentle spirit, and a thousand more things about her. I just adore Nichole.

Nichole, if you are reading this…I want you to know and realize what an amazing woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend you are! You are one of the nicest human beings I know. I have so much respect for you as a woman. I love seeing you blossom into this amazing person. I know there will be lots of challenges in life but I hope these challenges will encourage you to look back at the beautiful little family you created for yourself and find joy & peace in them. Your children are very lucky to have you as a mom. You are so patient and they will grow up always looking like models in their photos thanks to you. You are this amazing person to the everyone in your life. You always put them first, which is normal because of the generous & loving person you are. I hope you will continue to find time for yourself – to love yourself, be kind to yourself, celebrate yourself and more. Continue to be the amazing person you are and please know, you are doing a great job! I see it, I believe it and I know it.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Karri H.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Karri H.

Today’s Woman Crush Wednesday is my best friend Karri who is also celebrating her 28th Birthday 🎂

I met Karri in college. We took similar classes and had similar friends but never really talked because well she was too busy being someone else’s partner for a project. But I knew Karri and I would ultimately be friends someday because on any given day, no matter how cold, she would still wear flip flops to school. This whole time I thought I was the only one until I met Karri!

After a serious cat fight, so kidding, I manage to get Karri as my partner in all three class projects. This was awesome because we had the best working relationship ever. We got everything done before it was due and her strengths complimented my weakness and vice versa. Even outside of class, we managed to get along so well in all areas. She also had a really cute niece that just stole my heart as soon as I saw her photo.

Over the years, Karri continues to be my ride or die friend. Although we never get to see each other because she’s always so busy or I am, we never fail to be there for each other. This would mean a 7am phone call on the way to work or a 5:30pm call on the way home from work. We always made it work. I also loved that no matter how much time we go without seeing each other, we always pick right up where we left off.

Karri is one of the seriously nicest human beings I know. She is the friend that will drop everything and show up for you when you need her. I’m pretty sure I planned my entire wedding with her LOL sorry Eph. I also cannot imagine sharing my first floor seat concert event with anyone else seeing the one & only, Thomas Rhett.

Here are 1/10 of the reasons why I love Karri oh so much!

  • Karri is incredibly patient. Like so freaking patient. Her patience can make her a saint. I have no idea how she is this patient but she really is.
  • Her mom Cindy is soooooooo beautiful (yes, totally kissing Cindy’s butt here). But in all seriousness, Karri has an amazing mom & it shows in the person Karri is
  • Karri is super artsy fartsy even though she will deny it. She has this can do attitude when you present her with a challenge and she will always figure out how to do something..always…probably because of how patient she is
  • Karri is such an amazing aunt to her niece and nephews. I love how much she adores them. You would think they were her kids if you listen to her talk about them. Those kids are so lucky to have their Auntie Karri.
  • Karri is really really really really smart. Like intelligent smart. Like so smart, sometimes I ‘m just like hold up, let me look up this word.
  • Karri will do anything for a friend. I think I mentioned that above but let me tell you a story. We were in Catalina Island for my bachelorette. It was 2:30am and we were leaving a club. I saw a donut shop & wanted a donut so bad. Karri ran over to the donut shop & banged on the door to get the ladies attention so I could get my donut. Although it was a failed attempt, man that was some serious loyalty.
  • Karri is like the mama bear of our group of friends. She’s always the responsible one and it was really nice for me to have a friend like this because I was always the mama bear too. She is always looking out for us and always has our best interest at heart.

These are just some of the many thousand reasons why I love Karri. I would go into it a bit more but I am sick as a dog right now and would make zero sense.

Karri, if you are reading, because you better be, because what best friend wouldn’t support her friend’s uncomfortable blogging expose journey LOL…HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU!!! I love you so much and I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you because there is no one else in the world I would get on the phone with at 7am to talk to about anything and everything!!! You are so beautiful inside out. Your heart is so big that sometimes I want you to stop sharing it because I selfishly want you to fill it with more of you than others. You make my life so much better just by being in it. I am so glad you decided to go to Sac State and I am also so glad you didn’t die in that horrible car accident. My life would seriously suck without you. I am also glad you like to eat food as much as I do. I am also so glad you let me embarrass you at Yard House last year for your birthday when I got the waiter to sing to you LOL. I have a video to prove it!

Today I am a grateful for this friendship with Karri. A good friend is hard to find these days and I am just glad I can always count on her for the truth.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jenny M.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jenny M.

This weeks Woman Crush Wednesday is my friend Jenny. I met Jenny almost three years ago when I visited her job for a site visit. At the time, Jenny came off a bit cold because Jenny is the type of person that likes to observe people before she has something to say…or at least I think she’s that type. But during our first visit, Jenny was asked a series of question about her hopes and dreams. One of which was to become a CEO of her own nonprofit someday. I am so proud of her because three years later, she finally mustered up the courage to file the paperwork for her own nonprofit. She hopes to be able to provide more opportunities for students to learn about various careers before going into the field and run a group home someday.

Jenny is truly a smart woman. She is a go-getter and is so driven in whatever she sets her mind to. For years, I have witnessed her do amazing things but not recognize her value because there were many people in her life that were selfishly holding her back and making her feel ordinary. She’s far from ordinary. She is a woman with a purpose and she is a woman that is on the rise. She’s also a woman that will speak her mind, only if you ask her for her opinion. That’s what I love about Jenny. She doesn’t go around giving people her 2 cents. She stays in her own lane and focuses on her goals. However, if you reach out, she has no problem helping you out and telling you like it is.

This year, I had the pleasure to witness so much of Jenny’s professional and personal growth and I couldn’t have been more proud of her. She recognized her worth and the wealth of knowledge she has from being in her field of work and used it to her advantage to reach out for new opportunities for herself. She’s out there advocating for herself and seeking out mentors to help her reveal all her greatest potential so she could go out and serve the world. Seeing her being valued in her new role as a Director truly makes me happy because I know what she brings to the table. With the proper investment in her, she can move mountains. I am beyond grateful that someone recognized how wonderful she is and invested in her. I guarantee you, if they continue to pour into her, she’s going to bloom.

I’ve also got to watch her make a lot of personal growth this year. I’ve seen her leave an unhealthy situation to enter a world of unknown and uncertainty. I’ve seen her take all these challenges thrown her way. She took the hard road each and every time this year and it has paid of for her. She is now living a life she wants for herself, to take her of herself so she can be the best version of herself. She is so independent, I don’t even think she got time for casual men. Only men with good intention for my friend please.

Jenny, you are so strong and so beautiful inside & out. You are such an inspiration. You stood up for yourself. You went after what you were worth. You pour a 100% of your heart into what you do. I am so grateful to know you as a colleague and now a friend. Thank you for all the heart to heart talks over the years about work, life and just our desire to grow into strong women. I will always be cheering you on and I can’t wait to see what you do next. You’re no longer Jenny from the block, you’re Jenny on the map! You get it? Cause you’re getting things done? You’re in the spotlight? Okay fine, never mind.

Today I am grateful for benedryl. I had a bad drug allergy reaction yesterday. My entire body broke out in hives, ran a high fever, and was in a lot of pain. Thankfully benedryl helped a lot and the shot of steroids I got did too. Although, I’m not too fond of so much medications in my body but I am grateful for being able to get on track in a few days so I can fully continue to heal myself inside out.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Desiree

Woman Crush Wednesday: Desiree

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Desiree. She’s a fun-size, action packed, smart, and sexy philiphina ❤

I met Desiree at Sacramento State in a Community Health Education course. She sat in the tables behind me. She would always come to class in workout gear with headphones on. She was also always at The Well getting her fitness on in between classes. Ya girl didn’t stink though I can assure you. She was quiet but once in awhile, she would let out a laugh because she overheard something ridiculous I’d say. She also suffered with me through the worst professor we’ve ever had in another class. We weren’t really close in college but we would have some deep conversations about why we are choosing to go into the field of public health instead of fulfilling our parent’s dreams for us to become physicians or nurses. Regardless, we motivated each other along the way to focus on our why!

Most people don’t stay in touch after college. But strangely, we grew closer. Desiree graduated a semester before I did but I would still text her from time to time just to check in on her and vice versa. Most of the time it was just me telling her something completely inappropriate and she would send me back a LMAO (Still true to this day). Somehow we ended up being really good friends and the rest is history.

Desiree is one of the downest human beings I know. She is always down for an adventure. She inspires me every single time she goes out and does anything. Many of our friends do not know this but Des has an autoimmune disorder called Scleroderma that may sometimes limit her from doing a lot of things she loves. Some of the symptoms of Scleroderma includes: tightening of the skin, small blood vessels contracting in toes/fingers in response to cold weather or stress (fingers turn blue or are painful/numb), digestive issues, and varying issues with the heart, lungs and kidneys. But that doesn’t stop Desiree. She did not let Scleroderma define her and her life. Instead, she allowed it to shaped the course of her life. She chose to continue to live life and do all that she loved in case her condition worsen. So every time I see a picture of this girl running, hiking, biking, traveling, kayaking or etc, I get the biggest smile on my life because that’s my girl…she’s a warrior.

Trust me, she can’t handle her liquor…I’ll prove it in a photo below LOL

Aside from her determination to live life to the fullest, Desiree is an like a kuya to me. LOL just kidding, I was going to make some philiphino references since I was talking bout her. But she’s like the older sister (Ateh right? LOL) I need in my life, although she’s tiny. I remember the day I had a minor meltdown because of my diagnosis. She was one of the few friends I shared what was going on with. She was supportive, she was kind, she was understanding and she assured me, she would be there every step of the way and will make an honest effort to check in on me often. Let me tell you, she followed through. She sent me good morning, good afternoon, good night texts randomly for the course of the next few months. She truly cared. She didn’t just say she cares, she actually showed me she did. She was encouraging and gave me suggestions for self-care. She sent me positive cheesy quotes that were relatable as heck because she knew what I needed to hear. She suggestions various techniques to cope such as journaling, counting my blessings at the end of each night, coloring etc. I am forever grateful for our friendship because of who she is.

Other reasons why I love Desiree:

  • During my bachelorette party, she put up with my shenanigans. I knew she had a thing for African American boys (not sure if this is still accurate, so all you fellas, let me double check the for you), so every time I would meet a handsome fella, I would hit them with the “Have you met my friend Desiree?” It was a long weekend for her nonetheless. Also, Des, thanks for making sure I was not successful with going home with a gold chain…that would have been too much street cred for me
  • Desiree is so passionate about health that she encouraged her mother to join her on the fitness journey and helped her mom improve her health. She’s a pusher and she knows it!
  • She spent the last two year working as a nutrition teacher for children. She loved every moment of it and you could tell the kids loved her too. They bought into everything she taught them because she was so genuine about helping them. She got so many cute letters from her students and the gratitude from them was just phenomenal. I am sure she will say those were some of the best moments of her life.
  • She’s incredibly thoughtful. She’s the friend that will gift you journals, coloring books, and other self-care activities because she values self-care.
  • She’s currently taking time for herself to work on herself. She doesn’t need a man to complete her and she knows it. She’s all about taking care of Des first, which I admire so much.
  • She agreed to watch The Conjuring with me while hungover during my bachelorette weekend because we literally couldn’t even that morning. Then we both spent the rest of the weekend psyching ourselves out by every little “sign”
  • She also went just as hard as I did during my bachelorette party. I have a photo to prove it. This is why I said she can’t hang well LOL
Yup! This is a photo of us trying not to die while waiting for our ferry to pick us up. The ferry ride was an hour long, then we had a 7 hour drive home. Brutal…Lesson Learned from that weekend? Don’t let Ngoc make everyone AMFs LOL

Des, if & when you read this, you are an inspiration to me. You are kicking so much ass right now. The last few months of grad school will pass by and before you know it, you will be out there taking the field of public health by a storm. I hope you know that you are more than enough. You make mom & dad proud, you make me proud, you make our friends proud, and most importantly, you have done more than enough to be proud of yourself. I love you Des!

In an effort to raise awareness for my dear friend’s condition, please take some time to read more about it and/or donate to the Scleroderma Foundation.